domingo, 23 de março de 2014




Discussion Forum Norms and Etiquette

  1.  Read before you write. Before asking a question, check the forum and see if it has already been asked. Instead of making a new post, consider adding to the conversation by replying to someone else.
  2. Use a good title. Forum post titles allow other students and the staff to easily see what your post is about—so they can respond quickly, refrain from producing redundant material, and add to the conversation.
  3. Be polite.   All messages should be written in a civil tone with non-offensive language. Sarcasm does not always work well online. If you are kidding, “lol” (stands for “laugh out loud”) or smileys can be helpful :-)
  4. Avoid all caps. In the online world, ALL CAPS MEANS YOU ARE YELLING.
  5. Be concise. Keep in mind that message-reading takes time—please be considerate of others. Your challenge is to compose messages that are both substantive and concise. If your discussion post is more than 2-3 paragraphs in length, consider editing it down.
  6. Be clear. Re-read your post before you post it.  Make sure your sentences are complete and there are no typos.  Your editing will help ensure that you have expressed yourself in the manner you wanted.
  7. Be gentle and respectful. While it's true that there is a right way and a wrong way to fill out a map (some entries can miss the intention of the exercise), there is no right or wrong way to feel, and no right or wrong experiences. You may see someone holding a Big Assumption (don't worry, you'll learn what this is in week 4) that is very obvious to you, and feel free to suggest it respectfully. But if the person you are discussing with doesn't agree, don't push. Since this is a course about personal development, we may be tempted to push one another. This can be okay but be sure to be respectful of people's boundaries.
  8. Be supportive and generous. Suggest resources or ideas that may help others in their learning. When disagreements arise, allow others the benefit of the doubt—valuing deeper insight and communication over trying to prove yourself right.
  9. Participate! If you have something to share, share it.  If it is a fun item, post it to the Cafe.  If you have a comment or an observation, post that as well. Your insight is invaluable! You will get what you give.
  10. Admire and Appreciate. There are many valuable ways to contribute. In addition to asking questions, replying to others’ questions, respectfully challenging, sharing your own ah-hahs and discoveries, it can be very helpful to the community to express your genuine feelings of admiration or appreciation for your fellow participants.